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Levi, Kittila, Finland

“Home to Your Artic Adventure: Welcome to U3 Lodge”

your Arctic adventure AWAITS

The perfect place to stay when visiting Levi

Situated on Utsuvaara on the south side of the Levi fell, U3 Lodge is a one of a kind log cabin. Using hand crafted circa 300 year old Finnish pine logs and standing tall above a stone basement, U3 Lodge comprises a modern kitchen, six en-suite bedrooms, a sauna, hot tub and ample parking not to mention plenty of places to sit and read or take in the breathtaking scenery.

Leung Lai BingHong Kong

I am incredibly proud of my daughter and son-in-law for creating this fantastic B&B Cabin, U3 Lodge. Their dedication and enjoyable personalities make them amazing hosts, and I am confident that guests will adore their stay here. I am eager to plan my visit soon!

Kelvin & Cindy WuNew York

My friends, the Ball family, constructing a cozy B&B cabin in the Arctic! It's exactly the kind of endeavor I'd expect from them. I'm eager to spend my days skiing and my nights indulging in the sauna and unwinding. Pure bliss!

The Freti FamilyLondon

I am eager to experience Maggie and Trevor's B&B cabin, which they've assured includes cozy en-suite accommodations, winter skiing, summer kayaking, and even a round of golf with Trevor, a golf professional, during the summer season. Absolutely looking forward to it!


Drop off your bags, decompress & rejuvenate

U3 Lodge when finished will be a purpose-built family home dedicated to our children. From the very beginning, we set out to build a home that is remote but not isolated, traditional but modern and easy to use, along with cosy, bright, fresh, and familiar. Our guiding aim is to build a place where a modern young adult, fresh from the pressures of life can arrive, drop their bags, and immediately begin to decompress and rejuvenate. And a year into the project we believe we are on track to build the perfect escape.


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